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To serve as a catalyst for the improvement of the status of underserved populations around the world. Using information dissemination, cross-cultural dialogue, problem solving, resource identification, education, training, and research, among others, as tools …


We value the inherent capability and potential equality of every human being, whatever their education, nationality, race, creed, social class, religion, sexual orientation, or other demographic characteristic.

Giving and Sharing

Help people to rebuild their livelihoods, get a share of the power and resources to minimise the poverty and inequality gap.

This is What We Doing

We view the world as a precious asset entrusted in our care for future generations and therefore pursue policies that treat it as such.

Rockaway Waterfront Alliance Batik Painting

Rockaway Waterfront Alliance Batik Painting<

Jamaica Center Mural 3

Jamaica Center Mural

Silk Painting Workshop

Oyasaf 2014









Broad Goals

Lets Change The World Together

Disparity reduction

to facilitate policy initiatives and interventions that make for a more equitable society.

Poverty Alleviation

to strengthen public policies that support children more effectively.

Environmental sustainability

to strengthen public policies and practices that foster a healthy world.

Enhancing the status of women

who bear a disproportionate burden of global poverty.

Human and democratic rights

Aimed at improving the quality of life for all of mankind.


among people or groups of people that may or may not be spatially connected, but who share common interests, concerns or identities which could be local, national or international, with specific or broad interests.

Creative Ideas

are an essential part of high performance systems. Communication and sharing of information at this level is assumed to be associated with empowerment.


Communication and information technology have created new opportunities for communities which have enable them to build and manage empowerment process where members collaborate in utilizing technology


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