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Infopower International Inc. (II) was incorporated as a non-profit organization in Columbia Missouri in November 1996. It acquired its 501 (c) (3) status in 1998. It subsequently registered a sister branch in New York State in 2014.


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Batik Painting Workshop

We are pleased to inform you that following a grant received from the Queens Council on the Arts, we are beginning a Batik Painting workshop in Far Rockaway in February 2018 which is scheduled to go on until May 2018.  We are enthusiastic about this as it is our first comprehensive batik painting workshop in New York City.  Community empowerment through the arts is our vision for the participants and we plan to follow up on the workshop by nurturing the participants along these lines.

This pilot project is intended to form a stepping stone for developing a more robust infrastructure for visual artists in the Rockway area as well as the rest of the city.  In addition to this workshop, individual sessions will be conducted for those whose schedule may not permit their participation in the group sessions. The initial workshop is scheduled to begin on Saturday February 24th and will run until April/May following which there will be an art exhibition by workshop participants at a gallery in Queens NY.  The workshop is also open to those that may want it in their establishment or other off-site locations.  The successful Arts For Income Program which was implemented through funding by the Missouri Arts Council (1996-2005) is being replicated in NYC beginning with this workshop.